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Empathetix is NOT a medical cannabis dispensary, and does not sell medical cannabis of any kind. We offer a service that brings patients and QMP's together. A QMP is a doctor who has taken courses to certify as a cannabis doctor in Utah.

Our QMP's have we helped thousands of Utahn’s medicating with cannabis become legal patients and no longer criminals. We can help you too!
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Before you can apply for your Utah Medical Cannabis Card, the state of Utah requires you to create a Utah ID and apply for a med card in the state's EVS system. Click the button to create your ID and take the first step to becoming a legal medical marijuana patient.

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You may be wondering what medical conditions are required in order to secure a cannabis recommendation and medical card in Utah. The majority of patients who have found success medicating with cannabis already are living with one or more of the ‘qualifying conditions’, even if they don’t know it yet.
Most of our Patients qualify under one of these 3 conditions:
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