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How it all started, there once were 3 cannabis lovers in Salt Lake: One was a mental health doc pushing boundaries in her field, one was a compounding pharmacist who needed the plant for his trauma, one was a healthcare entrepreneur whose life was saved from opiates. Fate brought these 3 pioneers together to start EMPATHETIX to bless the lives of thousands and thousands of Utah patients. Please let us help you too.
We are honored to be the single largest issuer of Medical Cannabis Patient Cards in the state. Please allow us to guide you through the entire process so you too can access Utah's extremely robust and liberal medical cannabis program and gain entry into the state 14 excellent, private cannabis pharmacies.

This is what Empathetix is best know for by our patients:
-Relaxed Atmosphere
-Understanding non-judgmental QMP's (Utah Cannabis Doctor)
-Lots of locations close by from Logan to St. George
-Only costs $220 to become a new med patient.
-Only $175 for renewals every 6 months.
-Empathetix NEVER limits patients cannabis prescription.
-Empathetix allow everyone up to state maximums in all dosage forms.
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So for less than $1 a day you can be a permanent med patient in Utah.
Before you can apply for your Utah Medical Cannabis Card, the state of Utah requires you to create a Utah ID and apply for a med card in the state's EVS system. Click the button to create your ID and take the first step to becoming a legal medical marijuana patient.

No charge if we can't get you qualified

Wondering if you qualify?

You may be wondering what medical conditions are required in order to secure a cannabis recommendation and medical card in Utah. The majority of patients who have found success medicating with cannabis already are living with one or more of the ‘qualifying conditions’, even if they don’t know it yet.
Most of our Patients qualify under one of these 3 conditions:
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